Japanese Beauty Secrets: Revealed! Follow these rituals to guarantee you stay beautiful, inside and out!


Well Hello, Holistic Beauty Blogettes!


This week, I am mostly into all things Japanese. I have traversed the globe – figuratively speaking – and unearthed some secrets that will literally transform your beauty habits. Now just to warn you, these tips fly in the face of our quick-fix, 3-in-1, all singing, all dancing skin care culture. But if you can slow your roll for just a minute and put these ancient techniques to the test, I promise it will be worth it! After all, we’re looking for our own personal beauty revolution, rather than a 15 minute makeover, right?


Here’s some background on the thinking behind these “un-fads”. (I’m coining the phrase because these rituals are absolutely not phases that fade away like a one hit wonder. These ancient methods have been around for centuries. They are tried and tested and have stood the test of time.)


“Un-fad”: Absolutely not a one hit wonder! Ancient methods that have been around for centuries and have stood the test of time.


  • Mie-nai Osharé” – A Japanese phrase roughly translated as “unseen beauty”.

The Japanese believe that beauty comes from within. This is something we hear over and over again like a broken record and perhaps don’t take the time to digest its truth. Focusing on being beautiful in spirit is a lovely starting point. And without inner beauty, the rest is pointless.


  • Simple Discipline

The foundation of Japanese Beauty Secrets is to come to terms with the fact that this is a lifestyle. There are no shortcuts or magic, one-off treatments. The products and rituals are simple and and work amazingly well, IF we follow the steps…Let’s give it a go!


What’s on the menu?

First up, let’s talk about diet. We all know that what we put into our body is super important. The Japanese have it down pat when it comes to health from the inside out. Here it is, in a nutshell:


  • Number One Drink – Green Tea – It’s tea time! And make it green… How do you take your tea? Green, please!

Green tea not only gives you an energy boost, it also protects your skin from UV damage and helps your complexion stay clear. This, along with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, makes it the ideal beverage choice.


  • Vitamin kick: C

We’ve all seen the ads for creams and cleansers, rich in vitamin C and promising to even out and brighten our skin. The Japanese ritual works from the inside out, eating oranges (high in vitamin C) as part of their daily diet. This helps to break up melanin, in turn giving you wonderfully clear skin.


  • Breakfast: Go big or stay home

So basically, Japanese breakfast is as big our lunch. Typically, you would have rice and vegetables with egg or fish. Not everyone’s ideal morning meal but it does emphasise the importance of a big breakfast.

Let’s talk about the benefits of rice for a sec. Not only is it low in fat and a great source of vitamins and minerals, it is also extremely filling and provides you with an energy boost! Less potatoes, more rice I say!


  • Lunch: Under the sea

Of course, the Japanese are famous for Sushi. They also eat a lot of soy, such as miso, tofu and tempeh. So if you’ve got any room left after your breakfast banquet, try some fresh fish or miso soup!


  • Dinner: Veggie’s paradise

Ditch the steak and chips and opt for a veggie overload! Seaweed is big with the Japanese, as are Brassica vegetables (basically, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, bok choy and cabbage) oh, and mushrooms too. These are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Another grand thing about veg is it’s not too heavy for your final meal of the day, meaning it’s easier for you to digest.


  • Sweets: Well…

Honestly, I didn’t find much in the way of tasty, healthy Japanese deserts…just fruit! Go for your life!


And now…


Oils are great for cleansing because oil dissolves oil. This allows makeup and any creams or dirt to be removed easily. But avoid mineral oil at all costs. Mineral oil clogs pores so it’s a big no-no. Go for herbal facial oils, which are super moisturising and gentle on the skin.

Top Tip: Use an oil cleanser as your first step no matter what. Whether you are getting ready for bed or just starting your day, put a little oil all over your face and wipe away with tissue or cotton pads.

Step 2 in Japanese Skincare: Rice Face Wash!

Believe it or not, rice plays a large part in traditional Japanese skincare. The water left after rinsing or boiling rice contains vital minerals and also starch, which is soothing for the skin. Wash your face with this water when it is at room temperature.


Top tip: Do not use hot water on your face at this stage in your skincare routine as it strips skin of its natural oils and enlarges pores, causing dryness and allowing bacteria to enter. Instead, wait til step 3…Steam!